With a 99% pass rate, you can prepare for the LEED Green Associate Exam with confidence.

Taught by Verdani’s Director of Certifications, Ruby Gonzalez-Jimenez and Verdani's Founder and President, Daniele Horton, our LEED v4 training course will guide you through the topics essential to establishing your knowledge in sustainability, the LEED system and core concepts, and test taking strategies. This course will prepare you to successfully pass the LEED Green Associate Exam!

  • Over 8 Hours of Course Material

  • 16 Video Files (5 hours of video content)

  • 170 Information Packed Slides

  • 120 days Access from Purchase Date

Course Details

  • 1

    Course Instructions. Read me first

    • Course Instructions - Read me first

  • 2

    Key Terms and Definitions

    • LEED v4 Green Associate Key Terms and Definitions-January2018

  • 3

    Intro, Objectives, TOC and Overview to Sustainability

    • Intro, Objectives, TOC and Overview to Sustainability (Same as Free Preview)

  • 4

    Overview of USGBC and LEED

    • Overview of USBGC and LEED

  • 5

    Core Concepts

    • Core Concepts

  • 6

    Becoming a LEED Green Associate

    • Becoming a LEED Green Associate

  • 7

    Tools and Resources

    • Tools and Resources

  • 8

    Main Credit Categories

    • Main Credit Categories

    • Integrative Process

    • Location and Transportation

    • Location and Transportation Quiz

    • Sustainable Sites

    • Sustainable Sites Quiz

    • Water Efficiency

    • Water Efficiency Quiz

    • Energy and Atmosphere

    • Energy and Atmosphere Quiz

    • Materials and Resources

    • Materials and Resources Quiz

    • Indoor Environmental Quality

    • Indoor Environmental Quality Quiz

    • Innovation and Regional Priority

    • Innovation and Regional Priority Quiz

  • 9

    Important Standards

    • Important Standards

  • 10

    Test Taking Strategies

    • Test Taking Strategies

  • 11

    Practice Test

    • 100-Question Online Practice Test

    • 100-Question Practice Test PDF

    • Answers to 100-Question Practice Test PDF

  • 12

    Useful Materials from LEED

    • LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook (July2017)

    • LEED v4 User Guide

    • LEED v4 Impact Category and Point Allocation Process Overview

  • 13

    Register for the Exam

    • Register for the Exam

Pro Version Overview

  • Online Quizzes

    Short quizzes on critical material at the end of each Main Credit Category. Track your progress.

  • Online Practice Test

    100-question online practice test with questions based on the actual LEED v4 GA exam. Access the test anytime.

  • Key Terms Study Sheet

    Downloadable 200+ key terms sheet organized by course section so you can follow along with the instructors.

The LEED Green Associate Exam Training course (Pro Version) contains the latest v4 content and is everything you need in one place to prepare for the LEED Green Associate Exam. View the webinars at your own pace, follow along with the key terms study sheet, take the quizzes and practice test, repeat and review all the materials as needed, and track your progress.

Taught by Verdani’s Director of Certifications, Ruby Gonzalez-Jimenez and Verdani's Founder and President, Daniele Horton, this course has a 99% pass rate and has been used as the official exam preparation course at universities such as USD.

Our LEED v4 training course will guide you through the topics essential to establishing your knowledge in sustainability, the LEED system and core concepts, main credit Categories and test-taking strategies. 

Main Credit Categories:

  • Integrative Strategies
  • Location and Transportation
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Innovations in Operations

Meet Your Instructors

Founder and CEO of Verdani Partners: LEED Fellow, LEED AP O+M, CEM, MDes, Associate. AIA,

Daniele Horton

Daniele Horton has over 20 years of professional experience including architecture, corporate sustainability, real estate and project management. Daniele is President and Founder of Verdani Partners, a full-service sustainability and ESG management consulting firm with projects totaling 750 million SF across 4,000 properties in diversified portfolios. She is Sustainabilty Advisor to Verdani’s largest accounts, and with over 100 industry presentations over the course of her career, Daniele is a leading voice in global sustainable real estate particularly on the topics of climate mitigation and resiliency strategies. Daniele is also a MSRE professor at University of San Diego.

Director of Certifications, WELL AP, LEED AP, Fitwel Ambassador, ENV SP, GGP

Ruby Gonzalez-Jimenez

Ruby is a driven sustainability professional with 11 years of consulting experience including commissioning, energy audits, lighting retrofits, green building certifications, and project management. With a background in engineering and over 22.3 million gross square feet of certified projects, Ruby is the Director of Certifications at Verdani Partners. As an expert in green building certifications, Ruby leads LEED Green Associate Trainings, performs feasibility studies, GAP analysis, Real Estate Portfolio assessments for green building certifications and is responsible for business development for certifications. Ruby holds credentials in WELL AP, LEED AP O+M, Fitwel Ambassador, GGP, and Envision SP.

What our students are saying

Joe Bird

Economic & Valuation Services, KPMG

The online LEED Green Associate exam training from Verdani helped me comfortably pass the exam on the first try! The videos and note sheets were both interesting and focused on exactly what I needed to know in order to succeed on the exam. Verdani makes the content easy to understand in a way that kept me engaged throughout. Thank you!

Taylor B.

Sustainability professional

“I used Verdani’s training materials to study for the LEED Green Associate exam, which I took in late January 2018. I also used test prep materials from 2 other companies and found Verdani's content, presentation, and approach to be the most comprehensive and directly relevant to the exam questions. Additionally, I passed on the first try with a score of 190, which was largely due to Verdani’s material consisting of in-depth training, quizzes and a mock exam. This exam training course is a must if you are looking to acquire the LEED Green Associate credential. Thank you for the support Verdani!"

99% Pass Rate speaks for itself!

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