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As an instrumental piece to developing successful sustainability or efficiency projects, the Sustainability Budgeting course will take you through the core tactics for developing a budgeting strategy for office, multifamily, and industrial properties.

  • 3 Chapters

  • 44 Minutes

  • 27 Slides

  • Video Webinar Style

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    Chapter 1

    • Course Introduction

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    Chapter 2

    • Sustainability Budget Quick Reference

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    Chapter 3

    • Resources

What You'll Learn

Our Sustainability Budgeting Course is designed to provide you with all of the necessary information on budgeting strategy for sustainability and efficiency projects. In this easy to follow webinar, your instructors Daniele Horton and Shubha Maheshwari will guide you through the core concepts and key tactics on how to develop and execute ESG budgets.

Concepts include how to think about the budget process, ways to research and identify rebates that your projects may qualify for, how to approach capital and operating expenses, key project budgeting considerations, along with financing tools and resources. We review a Sustainability Budget Quick Reference Sheet and talk you through how to implement a project budgeting plan for several different building types including office, multifamily, and industrial properties.

Throughout the course, we also share with you tips and recommendations from our experiences managing high profile ESG and sustainability projects across the US. Our insights will help you navigate potential roadblocks and how to overcome them, and how to tap into local knowledge for better results with rebates, bureaucracies, and local financing. On a more granular level, Daniele and Shubha will walk you through the proper formulas to calculate your ROI, how to approach leasing and management concerns, and the steps to write an effective green lease.

Meet the Instructors

Director of Sustainability, MS, LEED AP BD+C

Shubha Maheshwari

As a Director of Sustainability for Verdani Partners, Shubha has nearly 10 years of experience in corporate sustainability and energy efficiency, specializing in energy modeling, ASHRAE level I & II Energy Audits, and LEED consulting. Shubha is currently managing Verdani’s largest global diversified portfolio with 15+ funds, 190M SF and 1,600 properties. As an architectural planner, Shubha also worked on sustainable new development projects such as the world’s tallest building, Kingdom Tower. She has also been a guest lecturer at USD at Burnham-Moores School of Business.

Founder and CEO of Verdani Partners: LEED Fellow, LEED AP O+M, CEM, MDes, Associate. AIA,

Daniele Horton

Daniele Horton has over 20 years of professional experience including architecture, corporate sustainability, real estate and project management. Daniele is President and Founder of Verdani Partners, a full-service sustainability and ESG management consulting firm with projects totaling 750 million SF across 4,000 properties in diversified portfolios. She is Sustainabilty Advisor to Verdani’s largest accounts, and with over 100 industry presentations over the course of her career, Daniele is a leading voice in global sustainable real estate particularly on the topics of climate mitigation and resiliency strategies. Daniele is also a MSRE professor at University of San Diego.

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